In North Georgia we experience extreme weather on a regular basis. Home Watch of North Georgia is your answer for any questions or concerns related to your home and extreme weather.

Big Canoe, GA Storm Services

From severe thunderstorms and tornadoes to snow and ice storms we can assist with making sure your home is prepared and perhaps more importantly that you know the exact status of your property immediately following the storm event. We will check on your property to make sure everything is ok and provide a real time report to you.

As soon as extreme weather is forecast we will put into action our agreed upon customized plan of action. Let Home Watch of North Georgia ease your mind and give you confidence that your home is as prepared as possible. We will immediately schedule your home for a pre-storm visit that will include:

  • Setting thermostats to agreed upon temperatures
  • Turning off water/electricity as agreed
  • Move outdoor furniture as needed to re-designated areas

As soon as the storm event is over, Home Watch of North Georgia will complete a detailed inspection looking for any damage and report it to you in real time. If damage has occurred, we will take pictures and help coordinate repairs as requested. Home Watch Of North Georgia is your eyes and ears when you are away.