Frequently Asked Questions

What is home watch?

Home watch is a licensed, bonded and insured service that visits and inspects your property for the purpose of making sure all is well while you are away. We will notify you of any issues and we can coordinate any repairs necessary.

Why do I need a home watch service?

Many things can happen at your property in your absence: water leaks, electrical problems, insect or rodent invasions, mold, storm damage, break-ins, etc. What starts as a small problem can turn into a huge expense very quickly.

Home Watch Of North Georgia - Big Canoe, GA

Is having a neighbor checking on my house a good idea?

While you might ask a neighbor or friend to check on things occasionally, they simply cannot provide the professional level of service that Home Watch of North Georgia offers. Unlike a well-intentioned neighbor, our staff has been thoroughly trained and utilizes state of the art monitoring equipment to catch potential problems before they become a major issue. Additionally, if a serious problem arises and you need someone to take swift action on your behalf, your property can quickly become an imposition to your neighbor. These reasons and many more are why it is important to have a trained professional methodically inspect your home, complete a detailed real-time inspection report, and have the ability to swiftly coordinate licensed professionals to assist in the repair and maintenance of your home if a problem should arise.

What services does Home Watch of North Georgia offer?

We offer home watch services, key holder services, VRBO/rental services, cleaning services, storm services, RV/auto/boat watch services, real estate sales services, and a long list of “a-la-carte” services to customize your package.

Is Home Watch of North Georgia insured and bonded?

Yes, we carry general liability insurance and we are fully bonded.

How often should I have my home inspected?

We recommend weekly inspections of your home to ensure adequate monitoring. However, we also offer bi-weekly and monthly package options.

How much do your services cost?

Our prices vary based on our level of service, but Home Watch of North Georgia offers service plans starting as low as $40 per month. Please visit our pricing page for more information or fill out our contact form for a customized quote.

Who will inspect my home?

Understandably, one major drawback with some management companies is that you do not necessarily know who has access to your home, keys, alarm code, and contact details. We assure you that only our bonded and insured team members will have access to your property. The safekeeping of your records, keys, and private information is our utmost priority.