RV Services

Parking your RV for an extended time requires some preventative measures so it will be protected from the damaging effects of weather and ready for use when you are ready. While we do not perform things like winterizing services on RV’s, we can do regular checks, which will extend the life of your RV and reduce costly repairs.

Big Canoe, GA RV, Automobile and Boat Services

If there is a way to get in your RV, water will find it. Water leaks in an RV can cause extensive damage and can be extremely costly to repair. We have seen firsthand the damaging effects that water can cause to an RV time and time again. Regular inspections can help you avoid having to make these type of water damage repairs.

Auto Services

  • Start the vehicle to preserve battery life
  • Drive vehicle ‘around the block’ to prevent tire damage
  • Inspect vehicle (interior and exterior)
  • Confirm there is no debris build-up on the vehicle
  • Confirm any covers are secure

Boat Services

Dry Storage Services:

  • Make sure cover is secure
  • Remove any debris build-up
  • Move the trailer a short distance to prevent tire rot
  • Inspect the boat (interior and exterior)

In Big Canoe, many property owners own a pontoon boat docked at the marina. To extend and maximize the life of these assets they require regular maintenance. Home Watch of North Georgia can help with these duties.

Pontoon Boat Services:

  • Visual inspection of the boat (interior and exterior)
  • Clean debris from floors, seats, canopy, etc
  • Wipe down seats and captain’s panel
  • Check water level of batteries
  • Check for rainwater/snow/ice build-up
  • Confirm battery charger is working properly
  • Secure cover if one is present